SRDD Services is an example of a server based digital solution applied to the calculation and documentation of safety relief devices. These devices include relief valves, rupture disk, and conservation vents.

* Meets OSHA Requirements
* Cost Effective
* Reliable
* Computer Generated
* Professionally Formatted
* Updated Electronically

The safety relief device is the single most important piece of equipment that will insure the safety and integrity of any process facility. Proper documentation must accompany each relief device to insure proper sizing of the orifice and the inlet/outlet piping.

This documentation must meet or exceed the applicable section of the ASME code. OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.119a requires that relief system design and design basis be compiled and maintained for all processes using highly hazardous chemicals. SRDD Services can provide cost effective, accurate, consistent, customized, computer generated relief device documentation that meets OSHA requirements.

Our PSM engineers have developed automated methods for generating relief device documentation which in the past had typically been completed by hand. Our automated methods address thermal expansion, tube rupture, valve failure, pump dead head, and fire case scenarios for determining the worst case cause of system overpressure.

The final report is a professionally formatted document which describes a device's set pressure, accumulation, overpressure scenarios, capacity, orifice size requirements, and inlet/outlet pressure drop

Relief valve design and design basis calculations and documentation that meet OSHA 29 CFR 1910.119a.
*Two scenario minimum
  • Provide Safety Relief Device Design Record
  • Provide Relief Device Specification Sheet

Provide safety vent design and design basis calculation and documentation based on client specifications.
  • Provide Vent Design Record
  • Provide Specification Sheet

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